Forced Showdown Wiki
Name Difficulty Description Available from Boss Rule
Artifact + Start with 1 random upgrade Always
Channeling Pain - Gain 1 mana for every 25% Health missing when entering card phase Always
Companion Curse - Whenever your companion dies, you take 30 damage Always
Curse of Excess Draw an additional card at the beginning of each arena. If you have more than 5 cards when the arena begins, you will take 30 damage. Always
Endless Supplies + When you play 2 cards in one card phase, gain a random consumable card. Always
Fluctuations Cards randomly cost +1 or -1 mana. Always Yes
Gotta Go Fast!! + Collecting point pickups gives you +1 stackable Movement Speed for 8 seconds. Always
Heat Wave - Fiery projectiles fly across the arena. A lot of them. 20 Damage on impact. Always Yes
Level Up + Start with 2 random class specific upgrades. Always
Magnetic Weapon - Your attacks pull victims towards you Always
Magnificence You start at 50% health. Draw 1 card each time you end an arena at full Health. Always
Puff Party + Gain a random puff card each card phase Always Yes
Quick Minions - All starting enemies gain +2 Movement Speed Always Yes
Rebel Cleavers + Start with 2 allied Cleavers each round. Always
Rebel Musketeer + Start with an allied musketeer each round. Always
Rebel Whirly Rats + Start with 2 allied Whirly Rats each round. Always
Slippery Cards Each arena: Discard the leftmost card from your hand and draw another one. Always Yes
Supplies: Chaotic Illumination + Start with the Chaotic Illumination card played Always
Supplies: Lightning Rod + Start with the Lightning Rod card played. Always
Supplies: The Aeselator + Start with The Aeselator card played. Always
Two Toys + Start with two random consumables. Always
Patchwork - All starting minions gain +40 Health. Crucible, chamber 2
Short Battles + Short but intense! Only 4 arenas before meeting the boss. Mana gain doubled. Crucible, chamber 2
Supporting The Winning Team - When damaged, your companion becomes evil until you kill 3 enemies. +50% companion Health. Crucible, chamber 2
Chain Reaction +150% summoning portal efficiency. Your attacks infect enemies to explode for 15 damage to other enemies on death. Frontline
Copy Machine Removes half of your deck and replaces it with cards from the other half. Frontline Yes
Delicate Summons Summons take double damage. +150% summoning portal efficiency. Frontline Yes
Desperate Survival +400% summoning portal efficiency. Enemies start aggressive. After 30 seconds all enemies die. Frontline
Left and Right Playing a card increases the mana cost of all cards to the right by 1 and decreases all cards to the left by 1. Frontline Yes
Mana Banks - You will only get 3 mana every round, but mana is no longer reset between arenas. Frontline
Necromancer + Kill: Resurrect enemy as ally. You take +100% Damage. Frontline
Raff's Son - Summons Raff's Son, a worthless fighter. Anyone killing him is punished for 50 unavoidable Damage. Frontline
Side Effects: Consumables + Consumable card played: -1 Upgrade mana cost, +1 Spell mana cost. Also affects future cards. Frontline
Side Effects: Spells - Spell card played: -1 Consumable mana cost, +1 Upgrade mana cost. Also affects future cards. Frontline
Side Effects: Upgrades + Upgrade card played: -1 Spell mana cost, +1 Consumable mana cost. Also affects future cards. Frontline
Soul Break - Damage received reduces max health. 50% damage reduction. Frontline
Soul Link + A beam connects you and your companion, dealing 8 damage to enemies it touches. Frontline Yes
Stayin' Alive - Lose 10 health every 5 seconds. Kill: Heal 4. Frontline
Supplies: Masochistic Blade Start with the Masochistic Blade card played. Frontline
Supplies: The Real Deal + Start with the The Real Deal card played. Frontline
Unstable Mana +1 mana each card phase. Take 10 Damage per mana not spent. Frontline

Boss rules are those that can also occur in the unavoidable chamber boss battles.