Forced Showdown Wiki

Boons are exactly what it says on the tin: Bonuses that provide you with advantages in combat.

List of boons[]

Title Description Rarity
Extra Draw Start with an extra card in hand Common
Thick Skin Reduce all damage taken by 2 Common
Slayer +25% damage to summoned units Common
Life Insurance +20% health globe drop rate Common
Mana Factory +1 mana in the first card phase Common
Damage Up +8% damage Common
Health Up +20 health Common
Attack Speed Up +10% attack speed Common
Fluffy Meat Shield +20% companion health Common
Rabid Pet +20% companion damage Common
Heal Up 8% health restored at the end of each arena Rare
Invulnerable Start each arena with fading consumable: Invulnerability for 3 seconds Rare
Flash Sale 15% chance to reduce card's mana cost by 1 when drawing it Rare
Surge Flow +1 mana before the first 2 arenas Rare
Just a Sip 20% charge to not spend a charge when using a consumable Rare
Siphon Strength +3 max health per card played Rare
Thrifty 25% chance to draw an extra card in each card phase Rare
Companion Damage Up +40% companion damage Rare
Companion Health Up +40% companion health Rare
Conversion +6 health per unspent mana Rare
Not Today! The first time you drop below 30 health, you get healed for 80 points Rare
Thorns Attacking enemy receives 15 damage Supreme
On the Edge +1 mana each time you end an arena with less than 50% health Supreme
Fatal Grazes 10% chance to deal an additional 25 damage per hit Supreme
Preach Start with consumable: All summoned enemies become your allies for 6 seconds (2 charges) Supreme
Consumable Discount -1 mana cost for the first consumable card played each turn Supreme
Spell Discount -1 mana cost for the first spell card played each turn Supreme
Surge Burst Start with consumable: +3 mana Supreme
Dispelling Vengeance If attacker is a summoned enemy, it loses 50% of its current health Supreme
Resourceful +10% damage for each card in hand beyond 3 Supreme
Who's Next?! +15% damage and +2 movement speed for 3s after killing an enemy Supreme
I Have a Hulk! +35% companion health and damage Supreme
Bloody Finale Enemies and summons gorily explode when killed, dealing damage to nearby enemies (equivalent to 15% of their max health) Supreme
Hand of Fate +2 random cards for your starting hand Supreme