Forced Showdown Wiki

During play, random cards from a pre-selected (by the game in tutorial mode) deck will become available. Players select the cards by clicking on them. The effects are immediately applied to the character.

There are three types of cards - Spell , Consumable , Upgrade - and some cards are Champion specific.

List of cards[ | ]

Consumables[ | ]

Name Rarity Cost Charges Description
Adrenaline Boost Rare 2 1 Health reduced to 10. +80% Attack Speed, +30% lifesteal, +2 Movement Speed for 10 seconds.
Bomb Drone Default 2 2 Deal 100 Damage to one random enemy.
Replenish: At arena end.
Boots of Speed Common 2 2 +4 Movement Speed for 5 seconds.
Replenish: At arena end.
Brofist Power Glove Supreme 3 3 Charge to your companion and unleash a Shock Nova.
Replenish: At arena end.
Call the sun Common 3 3 Create a sun ray at your position for 10 seconds. Heals friendly targets and damages enemies.
Chaotic Illumination Common 3 1 Kill all non-boss enemies below 50% Health.
Recover: All non-boss enemies killed.
Combat Healing Potion Common 3 2 Heal 10. When used under 30 Health, Heal 40.
Replenish: At arena end.
DuoBot Default 2 1 Call two combat drones that rapidly fire for 15 seconds. Increase your Damage by 2% for each enemy killed during this period.
Fairy Bottle Default 4 2 Fairies deal damage around you for 10 seconds, healing you for each enemy hit.
HoloBanisher Common 1 3 Destroy nearest summoned enemy.
Recover: Enemy has less than 50% Health.
Hypnotize Rare 2 3 The closest non-boss enemy becomes an ally for 10 sec.
Recover: On its first kill.
InstaBOMB Common 1 1 Deal 100 Damage around you. If you get 5 or more hits, draw a card.
Mirror Match Common 2 3 Summon an ally from the current world.
Recover: On its first kill.
NanoMed Injector Common 1 2 Heal you and all allies for 20% of Max Health.
Pain or Gain Supreme 2 2 Randomly Heal yourself or Damage enemies around you for 100.
Pocket Shield Common 2 2 Gain Shield.
Replenish: 50% chance at arena end.
Poison Winds Common 3 1 Deal 80 Damage over 20 sec to all enemies.
Rage Potion Common 2 1 +100% Damage for 8 seconds. Kill: +4 second duration.
Scroll Of Raining Daggers Common 3 2 Deal 40 Damage to enemies and 20 unavoidable Damage to allies.
Replenish: At arena end.
Scroll of Steel Common 1 3 Make you and all allies immune to all attacks for 3 sec.
Smoke Bomb Supreme 4 Cloaks you and allies for 4 sec. Attacking reveals you and deals +100% damage, healing you and allies for 50% of the hit.
Taunt Common 2 2 Aggro all enemies and give them +1 Movement Speed for 6 seconds. Gain 3 Health per enemy aggroed.
The Nuke Rare 5 1 Destroy all minions after 25 seconds. WARNING: Does not go unnoticed
The Real Deal Common 3 2 Destroy all summoned units.
Recover: If 5+ enemies are killed.
Vampiric Thirst Common 3 1 Attacks Heal for 30% of Damage dealt for 10 seconds.

Spells[ | ]

Name Rarity Cost Description
Another Round Common 2 Add 1 charge to each of your current consumables.
Blood Pact Supreme 0 Pay 80 Health. Gain 3 Mana.
Boon Of The Reckless Supreme 1 Draw a card for every 30 Health you're missing.
Elbow Room Common 2 +2 Movement Speed while no enemies are near.
Emergency Spleen Rare 3 Ward: When you survive an attack with less than 30 Health, Heal 120 Health.
Feeling Lucky Rare 3 Discard all cards in your hand and draw 4 new cards.
High Roller's Swagger Common 1 Draw a card and Heal 15 times its mana cost.
Hoarding Common 1 Draw 2 cards if you have no cards in hand. Otherwise draw 1.
Hot Coffee Common 1 Cards cost 1 less Mana this round.
Illusions, Michael! Common 1 Draw 2 cards if you have no cards in hand. Otherwise draw 1.
Juices of Growth Rare 2 +1% Damage per second, to a limit of +100% Damage. Lasts for one arena.
Major Healing Common 4 Restore all Health.
Mana Boost Default 0 Gain 1 Mana.
Mana Puff Common 0 Summon a mana puff. If it survives the round, gain 2 Mana.
Mind Bend Common 2 Draw 2 cards.
Minor Heal Default 2 Heal 100 Health.
Mystic Brew Rare 1 Gain a random consumable card. It costs 2 less Mana.
Oooh, Shiny! Default 1 Gain a random upgrade card. It costs 2 less Mana.
Recurring Hero Supreme 3 Ward: If you die, you resurrect with 40 Health and 3 seconds of immunity.
Shield Common 1 Gain Shield and draw 1 card.
Spellweaver Puff Common 0 Summon a spellweaver puff. Kicker: If it survives, draw 1 spell card for each extra mana spent.
Squire Puff Default 1 Gain a squire puff ally. If it survives the round, you gain +15% Damage.
Surge Flow Common 2 +1 Mana in the next 4 card phases.
Unfair Advantage Supreme 2 Draw a card and reduce its mana cost by 3.
Wild Surge Rare 0 Gain a random spell card. It costs 1 less Mana.

Upgrade[ | ]

Name Rarity Cost Description
Aftershock Common 6 Volcanic Strike deals 30 Damage in a large area wherever it kills an enemy. Can chain react.
Anti-Barrel Boots Common 1 Destroy barrels on impact. Destroyed barrels explode for 10 Damage to enemies. Addon: +15 Damage.
Apex Predator Rare 3 Enrage gives +1 Movement Speed and +40% chance to Block.
At The Ready Common 1 Rush: +1.5 Movement Speed.
Band of Regeneration Common 2 On Arena End: Heal 10% of your Max Health.
Behold Me! Supreme 3 When Guardian Light wears off, fire an Overcharge. Addon: The overcharge does +100% Damage.
Blood Claws Common 5 +25% chance to Crit.
Burning Aura Common 1 Rush: Burn nearby enemies for 2 Damage per tick.
Combustion Corpse Rare 5 Kill: Explode victim for 25 area Damage.
Comeback Kid Common 4 +35% chance to Block, when below 30% Health.
Consumer Common 2 +15 Health for every consumable card you play.
Cosmic Cleaver Default 7 +45% Damage.
Deadly Impact Default 2 Leap deals 15 Damage and knockback to enemies near the target.
Death In Motion Common 1 Strafe gives +2 Movement Speed for 2 seconds.
Desperate For Kills Rare 4 Rush: Kill: Heal 10.
Don't Blink Default 3 +40% Strafe distance.
Dragoste de Ar Rayyan Common 3 +40 Health and draw 1 card.
Dropkick of Persuasion Supreme 5 Kill: 20% chance to resurrect the enemy as an ally.
Dynamic Entry Supreme 5 Rush: +65% Damage.
Engineer Common 3 When you use a consumable, cast a Shock Nova.
Eternal Energy Common 3 Guardian Light lasts +1 second longer.
Evolving Reaper Supreme 6 Overkill (20): +10% Damage for 20 seconds. Duration refreshes for each stack gained.
Excitable Common 2 +5% Attack Speed each time you play any card of 3+ mana cost.
Extreme Duplicator 9000 Supreme 5 All consumables give double charges.
Feast Common 1 Kill: Gain 1 frenzy.
Fiery Conjurer Supreme 8 Kill: 30% chance to gain a fading Fireball. Channel: Play a card of 3+ mana cost.
Fire Trail Common 3 Create a burning trail while Magma Shield is active. Addon: The trail lasts much longer.
Firing Zone Default 3 +50% Attack Speed while inside your Force Barrier.
Fists of Fury Common 5 +35% Attack Speed.
Flash Of Anger Common 2 Reaction: Gain +30% Damage for 5 seconds.
Food Chaining Rare 5 Hitting an enemy with Strafe lashes all nearby enemies for 15 Damage.
Forest Fire Default 3 Kill: reduce all cooldowns by 1.
Frenzy Common 3 +12% chance to Crit. If Health is less than 50% draw 1 card.
Fusion Power Default 3 Overcharge gains +50% Damage.
Gathering Storm Rare 2 Stormy gains increasing Damage against an enemy the longer he is attached to it.
Great Balls Of Fire Default 3 Flamenado sends out bolts of fire that deal 10 Damage.
Groundshatter Supreme 5 Volcanic Strike now splits off into another line of eruptions.
Hammer time! Rare 3 Fully charging your hammer adds an additional 40% Damage.
Healing Factor Rare 4 On Arena End: Regenerate 50% of Damage taken.
Heart of the Forest Common 4 +90% companion Health.
Hit And Run Common 3 Kill: +2 Movement Speed for 2 sec.
Increased Blood Flow Default 5 +80 Health.
Infused Blocking Rare 3 +12% chance to Block. Kicker: +3% chance to Block per Mana spent.
Infused Strikes Rare 2 +8% chance to Crit. Kicker: +3% chance to Crit per Mana spent.
Killing Spree Default 4 Your basic attacks deal +15% Damage per frenzy.
Last Stand Common 2 +30% Damage, while you have less than 30% Health.
Legendary Awareness Rare 6 +8% Attack Speed and +8% Damage for each nearby enemy.
Legendary Helmet Common 3 +10% chance to Block and draw 1 card.
Lightning Conductor Supreme 4 Chain Lightning can hit the same target +2 times. Addon: Chain Lightning gets +1 bounce, +1 max hits per target.
Lightning Rod Supreme 5 Hit a nearby target for 1-70 Damage every 1-8 seconds.
Lightshift Rare 2 When dealing Damage to an enemy, 10% chance to gain a fading Lightshift consumable.
Living Weapon Common 2 +6% Damage for every consumable card you play.
Lucky Dice Common 2 Draw 1 card and gain +6% chance to Crit.
Martyr Common 1 Reaction: Heal your allies for 10 Health.
Masochistic Blade Rare 4 +60% Damage. 20% risk of taking 5 unavoidable Damage when you hit an enemy.
Mass Effect Rare 3 Pulls enemies closer when you use Guardian Light. Addon:+50% radius and pull distance.
Merry Seizures Common 2 Enemies hit by Force Barrier get -3 Movement Speed for 10 seconds.
Minion vs Minion Common 1 Stormy deals 100% more Damage to summoned enemies.
Murder Pals Supreme 6 Kill: a beam connects you and your companion for 4 seconds, dealing Damage to enemies.
Muscle Balm Common 1 +10% Damage.
One By One Common 3 When leaping at an isolated enemy, reduce cooldown by 4 seconds. Addon: And gain +35% Damage for 8 seconds.
Over-Overcharge Default 4 Fires an additional Overcharge after a short delay.
Package Deal Rare 5 Gain 1 Mana every time you draw a card.
Paranoid Default 3 Start every arena with Shield. Addon: Gain new Shield 10 seconds later.
Piercing Light Default 2 Beam of Light now pierces enemies. Addon: Beam of Light's final blast gains +1.5 range.
Power Fence Common 4 Force Barrier gets +200% Damage.
Power Generator Rare 7 Kill: Each skill has 50% chance of reducing cooldown by 4 seconds.
Raging Guardian Common 5 While Guardian Light is active: +30% Damage and +30% chance to Crit.
Rationing Common 3 30% chance to not spend a charge when you use a consumable.
Reflective Shield Rare 4 Guardian Light gains Reaction: Deal 20 Damage and knockback.
Righteous Replay Rare 4 Each arena: Gain a fading Replay consumable. Recharge it when Stormy gets a kill.
Rip Them Apart Supreme 4 Add 1 frenzy after a strafe for each enemy hit.
Rising Thunder Rare 7 Chain Lightning Damage increases by 15% each jump. +3 bounces.
Rocket Launcher Rare 3 Reaction: 50% chance to gain a fading Rocket consumable.
Rushing Fury Common 1 Rush: +15% Damage.
Self Sufficient Common 3 Companion Kill: Heal your Companion for 15% Health.
Shadow Cloak Common 2 +10% chance to Block.
Sharp Arcana Common 1 +4% Damage for every spell card you play.
Shield Generator Rare 4 Reaction: 25% chance to gain Shield.
Shock Helmet Default 3 Reaction: 30% chance to cast Shock Nova.
Shocking Fatalities Rare 6 Overkill (15): Shock Nova is cast at the victim's location.
Snappy Stormy Default 1 Stormy gains +4 Movement Speed.
Sniper Common 3 Max arrow stretch increased by 30%.
Spellmuncher Common 2 Heal 35 Health each time you play a spell card.
Spin To Win Rare 4 Flamenado kills give it +40% Damage and +0.5 second duration. Addon: +60% Damage from kills.
Spirit Lashes Rare 2 Your main attack also deals 4 Damage to a nearby enemy.
Stormy's Mom Supreme 6 Activate Stormy: Deal 50 Damage in an area around Stormy. Addon: Hits a larger area.
Stunning Bounces Default 2 Chain lightning hits gain +20% chance to deal +50% damage and knockback.
Sunscorch Supreme 6 Activate Speed of Light: Summon a moving sunbeam that gives +70% Attack Speed.
Sword N Board Common 4 +10% chance to Crit and +10% chance to Block.
The Aeselator Default 5 Deal 25 Damage to a nearby random enemy when you use an ability.
The Rock Common 1 +3% chance to Block for each spell card you cast.
Time To Unwind Common 2 Gain 1 frenzy every 2 seconds.
Turncoats Rare 3 On Arena start: Summon an ally from the current world.
Unstable Hammer Rare 4 Each hit has a 20% chance of dealing 50% area damage.
Untouchable Common 3 If you complete an arena with full health, draw a Card.
Vengeful Light Common 1 +25% Damage while Speed of Light is active.
Volcanic Reach Rare 3 Volcanic Strike now goes to infinity! Addon: ... and Beyond!.
Volcanic Smash Default 2 Volcanic Strike gains +40% Damage.
Weapons Upgrade Common 3 +15% Damage and draw 1 card.
Wizard Puff Rare 3 Playing a spell card summons a wizard puff for one arena.
Wrecking Ball Supreme 8 Overkill (15): Gain +80% Damage for 5 seconds. Channel: Play an upgrade card of 0-3 mana cost.
Consumable Adrenaline BoostBomb DroneBoots of SpeedBrofist Power GloveCall the sunChaotic IlluminationCombat Healing PotionDuoBotFairy BottleHoloBanisherHypnotizeInstaBOMBMirror MatchNanoMed InjectorPain or GainPocket ShieldPoison WindsRage PotionScroll Of Raining DaggersScroll of SteelSmoke BombTauntThe NukeThe Real DealVampiric Thirst
Spell Another RoundBlood PactBoon Of The RecklessElbow RoomEmergency SpleenFeeling LuckyHigh Roller's SwaggerHoardingHot CoffeeIllusions, Michael!Juices of GrowthMajor HealingMana BoostMana PuffMind BendMinor HealMystic BrewOooh, Shiny!Recurring HeroShieldSpellweaver PuffSquire PuffSurge FlowUnfair AdvantageWild Surge
Upgrade AftershockAnti-Barrel BootsApex PredatorAt The ReadyBand of RegenerationBehold Me!Blood ClawsBurning AuraCombustion CorpseComeback KidConsumerCosmic CleaverDeadly ImpactDeath In MotionDesperate For KillsDon't BlinkDragoste de Ar RayyanDropkick of PersuasionDynamic EntryEngineerEternal EnergyEvolving ReaperExcitableExtreme Duplicator 9000FeastFiery ConjurerFire TrailFiring ZoneFists of FuryFlash Of AngerFood ChainingForest FireFrenzyFusion PowerGathering StormGreat Balls Of FireGroundshatterHammer time!Healing FactorHeart of the ForestHit And RunIncreased Blood FlowInfused BlockingInfused StrikesKilling SpreeLast StandLegendary AwarenessLegendary HelmetLightning ConductorLightning RodLightshiftLiving WeaponLucky DiceMartyrMasochistic BladeMass EffectMerry SeizuresMinion vs MinionMurder PalsMuscle BalmOne By OneOver-OverchargePackage DealParanoidPiercing LightPower FencePower GeneratorRaging GuardianRationingReflective ShieldRighteous ReplayRip Them ApartRising ThunderRocket LauncherRushing FurySelf SufficientShadow CloakSharp ArcanaShield GeneratorShock HelmetShocking FatalitiesSnappy StormySniperSpellmuncherSpin To WinSpirit LashesStormy's MomStunning BouncesSunscorchSword N BoardThe AeselatorThe RockTime To UnwindTurncoatsUnstable HammerUntouchableVengeful LightVolcanic ReachVolcanic SmashWeapons UpgradeWizard PuffWrecking Ball
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Squire of Light Behold Me!Call the sunEternal EnergyFusion PowerLightshiftMass EffectOver-OverchargePiercing LightRaging GuardianReflective ShieldSunscorchVengeful Light
Stormbringer Firing ZoneGathering StormLightning ConductorMerry SeizuresMinion vs MinionPower FenceRighteous ReplayRising ThunderSnappy StormySniperStormy's MomStunning Bounces
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