Forced Showdown Wiki

Emblems are modifiers that a player can enable for an entire run. After beating a program, the player can try it again with emblems equipped. This adds difficulty and variety, while giving +5% gold reward per difficulty level added. New emblems are unlocked by beating programs with higher added difficulty levels, and the game stores your personal high score (highest difficulty level completed) for each program.

Initially, only 1 emblem can be equipped at a time. Completing a program with all emblem slots full unlocks another emblem slot, to a maximum of 5 simultaneous emblems. This is most easily achieved when using the least difficult emblems available. The highest possible difficulty is 28 with known emblems, but the max is expected to be 30, if there is a fifth difficulty 6 emblem among those yet to be discovered.

Once an emblem is unlocked, it can be used in all programs. Emblems from Crucible/Frontline can also be unlocked by beating that difficulty level in a harder program.

List of emblems[ | ]

Name Difficulty level Effect Unlock conditions
Rocky Start 3 Lower floor battles are harder. No extra point drops. Default
Tougher Bosses 3 Bosses gain +50% health and +30% damage. Default
Taunted 3 Enemies start aggressive. Default
Virtuoso 2 Take 30 Damage when drawing a card you've already drawn this battle. Crucible +3
Increased Minion Damage 3 Non-boss enemies gain +50% damage. Frontline +3
Max Rules 2 All battles have 5 battle rules. Frontline +5
Increased Minion Health 3 Non-boss enemies gain +50% health. Crucible +6
Epic Bosses 6 Bosses gain +100% health and +50% damage. Frontline +8
New Show+ 3 +25% battle difficulty. No extra point drops. The Grand Return +3
Random Boss Ability 3 Bosses gain an extra random ability. The Grand Return +5
Increased Minion Speed 3 Non-boss enemies gain +1.5 Movement Speed. Crucible +10
Exposed 3 Start with 50% reduced max health. Frontline +12
Super Increased Minion Speed 6 Non-boss enemies gain +3 Movement Speed. The Grand Return +8
No Health Globes 4 No Health Globes will drop. Crucible +20
Bad Mod-jo 6 Only negative battle rules. They don't reduce difficulty. Frontline +16
Super Increased Minion Health 6 Non-boss enemies gain +100% health. The Grand Return +12
Suuurprise! 3 Battle rules are hidden. Frontline +20
Super Increased Minion Damage 6 Non-boss enemies gain +100% damage The Grand Return +16
Super Exposed 6 Start with 80% reduced max health The Grand Return +20