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"Forced Showdown"
BetaDwarf Entertainment
Steffen Grønning
Peter Buje
Ejnar Håkonsen
Christoffer Greulich
Stefan Greulich
Martin Prestegaard
Alex Jørgensen
Alexander Karlsson
Silas Amdi
Kristian Rømer
March 29th 2016

Note: Original name was Forced Eternal Arenas and this community may still contain references to that title. This is not currently intented, however some of the available game assets still carry the original title and may be seen throughout the community.

Choose your champion, enter the ever-changing death course, fend off hordes of minions and the looming threat of the Boss, to claim ridiculously awesome rewards! Collect cards and build your ultimate deck to aid your champion in the attempt to SLAY all the bosses!


  • Tight action controls, like a classic top-down arcade game, but in gorgeous 3D!
  • It's a Rogue-like! If you die, you're out, and every match is randomly generated!
  • Rogue-like Campaign you say!? Hell Yeah! Generate a unique campaign every time.
  • With cards! Build a deck of swords, guns and fireballs for your Champion!
  • No play-through is the same! The ever-changing course and cards you cast during a match will determine which direction your champion takes.
  • Get rewards! Earn new cards and Champions as you become a legend!

Every day players will be able to compete against other players in randomly generated tournaments with new and exciting rules and challenges. These dailies, combined with season rankings, gives players the opportunity to earn the ultimate bragging rights.

The deck building in Forced Showdown means players will have a large variety of different builds for each character. Cards can be used for a wide range of things, including boosting abilities, summoning allied minions and changing the arena rules.


Players will choose a campaign at start (beta is currently single choice). New players will need to complete a 'tutorial' of multiple events to learn the game with a pre-selected character. During this arena event, players will learn to use multiple abilities against enemies. A majority of the arena barriers are destructible. Enemies with red health bars will need to be defeated to continue while enemies with yellow health bars are optional.

During play, random cards from a pre-selected (by the game in tutorial mode) deck will become available. Players select the cards by clicking on them. The effects are immediately applied to the character.