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100% OFF Crystal Conquest DLC for Minion Masters & Huge New Update! - - 2019/12/05 22:01

100% OFF - WEEKEND DEALGet the new Minion Masters $15 Crystal Conquest DLC 100% off this weekend!THE QUEST FOR MOUNTAINSHAPER - OUT NOW Our other game, Minion Masters, just got its biggest expansion...

Claim a -100% off DLC for Minion Masters, just this weekend - - 2019/08/15 18:04

Hello SHOWDOWN Fans,If you haven't tried out our other game, Minion Masters, now is a great time!You can claim Might of the Slither Lords this weekend, saving $15!This coincides with the release of Sa...

Celebrating v1.0 of Minion Masters & 9 years of Dev with -100% off DLC and Free games! - - 2019/05/24 14:16

Here at Betadwarf, we’re celebrating v1.0 and 9 years of making games with a -100% off Accursed Army Pack DLC and giving away 99,999 copies of our games!Yep.How do we make money when we keep giving aw...

Minion Masters - Voidborne Onslaught 100% off! - - 2019/03/08 17:02

Pick up your FREE Voidborne Onslaught DLC from Discord or Steam for Minion Masters! The normal price of 15$ is already 400% value with contents worth $60! Don't miss this exceptional value - free for...
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