Forced Showdown Wiki

Keyword Chart for all cards

  • Rush: Activates for the first 15 seconds of each arena. (example card: Burning Aura)
  • Reaction: Activates when you get hit. (example: Shock Helmet)
  • Kill: Activates when an enemy is killed. (example: Hit And Run)
  • Companion Kill: Activates when your Companion kills an enemy. (example: Self Sufficient)
  • Overkill x: Activates when you kill an enemy with x excessive damage. (example: Shocking Fatalities)
  • Addon: "Gained the second time you play the card." (example: Piercing Light)
  • 'Fading' consumables: Consumables that disappear when the arena ends. (example Rocket Launcher)
  • Ward: Triggers when the conditions are met and then disappears. (example: Recurring Hero)
  • Kicker: Consumes all your mana for an improved effect. (example: Infused Blocking)
  • Channel: Reduces mana cost by 1 each time you meet the condition. (example: Fiery Conjurer)
  • Replenish: "Regain used charges, if you still have any charges left." (example: Bomb Drone)
  • Recover: "Get the charge back" (example: The Real Deal)
  • Shield: Blocks the next attack. (example: Shield)
  • Shock Nova: Hit nearby enemies for 30 damage. (example: Shock Helmet)

For cards that grant fading consumables:

  • Fireball consumable: Shoots a fireball at nearest enemy for 100 damage. (card: Fiery Conjurer)
  • Rocket consumable: Shoots a homing rocket at a RANDOM enemy for 50 damage. (card: Rocket Launcher)
  • Lightshift consumable: Blink at the speed of light in the direction you are facing. (card: Lightshift)
  • Replay consumable: Returns the player to a previous position. (card: Righteous Replay)

Clarifications:[ | ]

Addon is used when playing additional copies of a card does not do the same thing as the first copy of the card. Any card with a non-stackable primary effect (e.g. "your attacks pierce" has an addon effect that can still be stacked repeatedly (e.g. your attacks gain +1 range)

Replenish typically restores used charges at the end of an arena.

Recover restores the charge by meeting the goal. Each charge used can only recover one charge.

Tips[ | ]

You can gain new charges by comboing Replenish or Recover with a Rationing effect. Developers have stated that this is intended behavior.