Forced Showdown Wiki

Keyword Chart for all cards

  • Rush: Activates for the first 15 seconds of each arena. (example card: Burning Aura)
  • Reaction: Activates when you get hit. (example: Shock Helmet)
  • Kill: Activates when an enemy is killed. (example: Hit And Run)
  • Companion Kill: Activates when your Companion kills an enemy. (example: Self Sufficient)
  • Overkill x: Activates when you kill an enemy with x excessive damage. (example: Shocking Fatalities)
  • Addon: "Gained the second time you play the card." (example: Piercing Light)
  • 'Fading' consumables: Consumables that disappear when the arena ends. (example Rocket Launcher)
  • Ward: Triggers when the conditions are met and then disappears. (example: Recurring Hero)
  • Kicker: Consumes all your mana for an improved effect. (example: Infused Blocking)
  • Channel: Reduces mana cost by 1 each time you meet the condition. (example: Fiery Conjurer)
  • Replenish: "Regain used charges, if you still have any charges left." (example: Bomb Drone)
  • Recover: "Get the charge back" (example: The Real Deal)
  • Shield: Blocks the next attack. (example: Shield)
  • Shock Nova: Hit nearby enemies for 30 damage. (example: Shock Helmet)

For cards that grant fading consumables:

  • Fireball consumable: Shoots a fireball at nearest enemy for 100 damage. (card: Fiery Conjurer)
  • Rocket consumable: Shoots a homing rocket at a RANDOM enemy for 50 damage. (card: Rocket Launcher)
  • Lightshift consumable: Blink at the speed of light in the direction you are facing. (card: Lightshift)
  • Replay consumable: Returns the player to a previous position. (card: Righteous Replay)


Addon is used when playing additional copies of a card does not do the same thing as the first copy of the card. Any card with a non-stackable primary effect (e.g. "your attacks pierce" has an addon effect that can still be stacked repeatedly (e.g. your attacks gain +1 range)

Replenish typically restores used charges at the end of an arena.

Recover restores the charge by meeting the goal. Each charge used can only recover one charge.


You can gain new charges by comboing Replenish or Recover with a Rationing effect. Developers have stated that this is intended behavior.