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StormbringerVSPortrait Hero Sprite.png
Main Weapon
Storm Bow
Storm Bow
Chain Lightning
Force Barrier
 Ranged Champion

Stormbringer is the signature ranged hero of the game. He is also a bit cocky, because he thinks he can dodge everything. Whether that's fact or fiction is up to you.


  • Storm Arrow: Shoot a powerful storm arrow. Charge up to shoot farther and harder.
  • Chain lightning: Fire an empowered arrow that jumps to 6 additional targets.
  • Force barrier: Create a barrier that knocks enemies back.
  • Stormy: (passive) A cloudy sidekick that follows your latest target dealing damage over time.

Champion Cards[edit | edit source]

Firing Zone

Gathering Storm

Lightning Conductor

Merry Seizures

Minion vs Minion

Power Fence

Rising Thunder

Snappy Stormy


Stormy's Mom

Stunning Bounces

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