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VolcoVSPortrait Hero Sprite.png
Main Weapon
Lava Strike
Volcanic Strike
Magma Shield
 Melee Champion

Volco is a big brute and the signature melee hero of the game. He carries around a big hammer, and smashes everything in his way. Although he starts out as a melee champion, who says you can’t make a ranged build?


  • Lava Strike: Charges up for massive Damage to multiple enemies!
  • Volcanic Strike: Violent eruptions damage and knock back enemies in a line!
  • Magma Shield: Absorbs next hit and knocks back enemies when triggered. Lasts 5 seconds.
  • Flamenado: Spin for 2.5 seconds, dealing damage and Phasing through enemies.

Champion Cards[edit | edit source]

Burning Aura

Fiery Conjurer

Fire Trail

Forest Fire

Great Balls Of Fire

Hammer time!

Spin To Win

The Rock

Volcanic Reach

Volcanic Smash

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